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06 maj, 2014 -
10 Sep, 2010
Netværket Interruptions

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Interruptions (Amman, Jordan)
Interruptions Editions as wall posters in rum46
Open by appointment: call +45 22441159 (Thorbjørn Reuter Christiansen)

Interruptions is a non-profit experimental project with rapidly growing network of architects, designers, artists, students, writers and activists aiming to break-away from standardization and extend local creative vibes. Interruption has built a critical interruptive body encouraging creative responses to social and cultural issues with an operating platform and an impact reaching in- and –beyond the Levant.
Interruptions Editions are materialized documentations of ideas, critique and experimental activity of Interruptions physical and virtual network, partners, collaborators and contributors.

Studsgade 46
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