OPUS 2012
14 Jan, 2015 -
16 Jan, 2015
Juanli Carrión

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rum46 ser frem til at vise OPUS 2012 en videoproduktion af Juanli Carrión. Onsdag d. 14. januar 2015 kl. 19:00, hvor vi efter visningen serverer te, kaffe m.m. Der vil desuden være mulighed for at se videoen torsdag d. 15. og fredag d. 16. januar kl. 16:30 og kl. 17:00

Videoen, som vi præsenterer i rum46, er en selvstændigt bearbejdet produktion og dokumentation af Opus 2012 – et multimedieprojekt og en landskabs-intervention udarbejdet af den spanske kunstner Juanli Carrión. Videoen varer ca. 30 min.

About Opus 2012
Opus 2012 is a multimedia art project that brings together video, music composition, performance, photography and site specific intervention in the landscape. Using Mozartʼs opera Don Giovanni as a basis for its development, the project presents, as an opera, The State of the Union Address that Barack Obama delivered in 2012 to inform the population about the “state” of their country. The discourse has been translated into Italian, adapted and harmonized to the music of the second act of Don Giovanni. Opus 2012 was presented for the first time in November 2012 in the desert of northern Mexico.
Opus 2012 emphasizes, first, the tremendous dependence that current democratic regimes have on the industry of mass communication. On the other hand, the melodramatic characterization which has been acquired by the figure of the president for the strategies of quantifying “public opinion”.

Juanli Carrión:  Through site-specific multidisciplinary interventions, his artistic practice begins with an interest in how human beings relate with the landscapes around them and the sociopolitical consequences that these landscapes develop according to current operating systems.For some years he has also have been developing work that requires the interaction of specific social groups, working on a local level to investigate specific natural, emotional, social and political landscapes and using them to articulate aesthetic experiences that reflect questionable ideas or fragments of Western reality.www.juanlicarrion.comwww.outerseedshadow.org

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